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The David/Jonathan Project was created to help peoples of the global south improve their social and economic conditions. Most of the people they find themselves dealing with are poor and often have very little education. They are very enterprising and, given the opportunity, are prepared to work hard to create small businesses. Currently their primary focus is with indigenous, Latin Americans and West Africans.

Short-term loans will be provided to create opportunities to improve their social and economic situations. Initially loans range from $200.00 to $300.00 (USD).
Here’s what they do in tangible terms:
  • Empower the less fortunate to help themselves.
  • Empower small business entrepreneurs to realize their dream.
  • Equip single mothers and fathers to provide for their families.
  • Equip this generation to provide for the next generation.
The Lending Journey - David Jonathan Project

The Lending Journey - The David/Jonathan Project Website

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