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The Lending Journey by The David/Jonathan Project Online

OurWebsite Design Inc is happy to announce the launch of the new and improved The Lending Journey by The David/Jonathan Project Website at

The David/Jonathan Project was created to help peoples of the global south improve their social and economic conditions. Most of the people they find themselves dealing with are poor and often have very little education. They are very enterprising and, given the opportunity, are prepared to work hard to create small businesses. Currently their primary focus is with indigenous, Latin Americans and West Africans.

Short-term loans will be provided to create opportunities to improve their social and economic situations. Initially loans range from $200.00 to $300.00 (USD).
Here’s what they do in tangible terms:
  • Empower the less fortunate to help themselves.
  • Empower small business entrepreneurs to realize their dream.
  • Equip single mothers and fathers to provide for their families.
  • Equip this generation to provide for the next generation.
The Lending Journey - David Jonathan Project

The Lending Journey - The David/Jonathan Project Website

Discover The Islands New Website Launches

OurWebsite Design Inc is happy to announce the launch of the new and improved Discover The Islands website at has a radically different business model than other travel websites which spend 50-60% of revenues on advertising, copywriters, other related costs such as operating call centers, and executive compensation.  Instead, they rely mainly on word-of-mouth advertising and pay back to non-profit organizations, environmental organizations and community groups a large proportion of after-tax company profits. provides an objective and extensive portal of travel information that you can consult first for leisure trip ideas anywhere in the world. Use them also for planning business or group travel. Book your travel through their travel partners and help make the world a better place at the same time.

They’ve joined with key travel and related firms that have excellent e-commerce infrastructures including vast selections, superb prices, secure servers, 24/7 customer support, and a commitment to corporate responsibility. They hope you’ll book with them and this is how they derive revenues. All they ask is that you connect to these businesses in the future through their website otherwise they don’t get credit for your purchases; this means only one extra click of your mouse. It’s easy to change the world when you make the right clicks. Bookmark them and watch for the palm tree in your list of other bookmarks. Try their travel partners, such as Orbitz and Hostelworld for more travel products and better prices presented in an easy-to-use, interactive display.

Discover the Islands

Discover The Islands Website

5 Keys to a Successful Social Marketing Campaign

Running a Social Marketing Campaign can be a effective marketing tool for your business when properly executed.  If you decide to hire a professional marketing firm ensure that you do your research on their credentials.  Watch this blog this month for tips on how to choose a Internet Marketing firm.

Here are some 5 basic keys to a successful running a social marketing campaign.

1) Daily Updates

This one may seem obvious, but some people forget that regular updates on your Facebook/Twitter page are critical to capturing the attention of your customers.  If a potention customers goes to your social marketing page and post are irregular, more than a month old, etc, then they won’t see any value in following you.

2) Think Value Not Selling!

Customers will start to follow you and engage in conversation if you have something interesting or valuable to say.  They aren’t looking to get your product or service stuffed down their throats.  Position your page as the expert in your industry with valuable information or entertaining facts and you will increase your following.

3) Respond and Engage

Keep a close eye on your social marketing pages and respond to comments from your customers.  Engage them in conversation!  Make comments on other pages within your industry or on pages that your customers would find interesting or important.  Become a member of the social media world.

4) Start a trend

Posting a tip or sale or featured product every week on the same day will get customers checking back with you to get the latest information.  For example, post your daily soup or lunch special or a weekly featured used vehicle.  Tie this feature in value added coupons or discounts to drive foot traffic into your business from your social media page.

5) Links

Posting a sign in your business encouraging people to follow you, adding your website and social media pages to your print material, post links to your website from your social media pages and link to your social media pages from your website.   Creating a cohesive marketing strategy will ensure your success.



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