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Do I need a website?

Over the years OurWebsite Design has heard many objections and reasons as to why business owners don’t need a professionally design website or a website at all.

Objection: My cousin’s uncle’s best friend’s former roommate’s ex-girlfriend is doing my website in her basement.

Answer: With a professional design team timelines and expectation are set at the beginning of the project and turn around times are usually much faster than when your design team is not fully dedicated to the process.


Objection: I already have a website that I bought for a case of beer.

Answer: That is great that you understand the benefits of an online presence.  A website from a professional design team can give your business the edge it needs to stand out in your market as well as more exposure, greater results and more profit for your business.


Objection: Website? We don’t need no stinking website.

Answer: A website is an excellent addition to your existing marketing efforts.  Strengthing your advertising message by directing people to your website for more detailed information can help educate your customers, saving you time and money.


Objection: I’m po’ I can’t afford no website.

Answer: There are many website options available with small setup costs and low monthly fees that can work into limited marketing budgets.  Once your website is live it can actually save you money by freeing up your time and reaching a wider audience affordably.  Also, many website packages are less than than using traditional print media and provide a much higher return on your investment.


Objection: I already have all the business that I need, a website would just bring in more business than I could handle.

Answer: That is a great that your business is doing so well.  Having a website can save you time and money by providing information to your existing customers with information.  Also, it is a good idea to plan for a rainy day, having an established website can assist you in securing new clients in the future.


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